Albert and Lori Rollin were both proud graduates of Baldwin High School. 

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Who were Albert and Lori

Albert and Lori Rollin were both proud Baldwin High School graduates. Albert was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in North Baldwin as did is father before him. He was a 1970 graduate of Baldwin High School and in 1976 married his wife, Denise, also a BHS graduate. In 1977 they welcomed their first daughter, Lori, followed by another daughter, Lisa, in 1978.  When it came time to buy their first house, Albert and Denise could think of no better place to raise a family than Baldwin. Albert worked as a draftsman for Wayne Crouse Inc., he was a dedicated volunteer paramedic and youth football coach in Baldwin for many years. He was a true Fighting Highlander through and through. Albert could never imagine living anywhere but Baldwin and would proudly wear his purple and white wherever he would go. 

Lori was a 1995 Baldwin graduate. While in high school she excelled in the classroom as well as the athletic field. Her two loves were cheerleading and track and field. As a varsity cheerleader, she competed individually and with the team at the national level. While running track, her 4x100 relay broke the BHS record. Lori continue her education at Chatham College and received a BA in Biology in 2000 as well as a Master‘s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies in 2003.  She was a practicing Physician Assistant at UPMC in interventional radiology. 

In 2006 Lori began to have pain in her legs which led to a diagnosis of compartment syndrome. Before her diagnosis, Lori was prescribed Vicodin to manage the pain and slowly became addicted to the medication. After a surgery to relieve the pressure in her legs the doctors continued to prescribe Vicodin for the pain and Lori’s addiction grew worse. Perhaps suspecting that she may have become addicted, Lori’s doctors abruptly stopped prescribing her Vicodin but they did not follow up to help her find treatment. Already addicted, and embarrassed of her addiction, she was introduced to a cheaper and stronger alternative to Vicodin...Heroin. A few years after she began using Heroin, and too afraid to ask for help, Lori lost her battle with addiction on April 22, 2013. 

Less than 2 years later, Albert, who never recovered from the loss of his daughter, passed away. We feel that addiction not only took Lori’s life but directly resulted in the early death of Albert as well. It is our belief that if the stigma associated with addiction did not exist Lori would have sought out treatment and would still be here with us today.  Addiction affects all socio-economic levels, all races, all does not discriminate. 

It is our hope that through this scholarship we can help educate students and adults on addiction. We know that education is key in dismantling the stigma attached to addiction and hope that with this education other families will not have to suffer as ours has. 

About The Scholarship

Each year the Rollin Family Foundation will award a Baldwin High School senior with the Albert and Lori Rollin Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be a monetary donation to the student to be used for educational purposes. Each student that applies will be asked to write an essay on addiction. The goal of the essay is to further educate students about the issues surrounding adduction. A winner will be selected by the foundation based on the essay. 

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 



Dear Student,

This scholarship is an academic scholarship and is to be used for the sole purpose of assisting in your future education. All we ask is that you write an essay about addiction. It can be about any of the many facets of addiction. Some ideas could be a personal story, the newest research, an interview with an addict. Please feel free to go in any direction your mind may take you. As a result we hope that you learn more about addiction and continue our mission of ending the stigma. 

Albert and Lori Rollin Memorial Scholarship

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